Wesley United Methodist Church of South Plainfield was given birth by the Monroe Avenue Methodist Church of Plainfield. It was the vision and persistence of the Monroe Avenue church that brought our church into being, and it is a great gift that we have inherited from them. The vision started to take form in 1949 and was fully realized on January 3, 1960, when a Service of Dedication was held for the newly constructed church, known today as Wesley United Methodist Church. 

Our history as a church, however, is much more than facts and statistics. It is a story of a congregation responding to a shift in the demographics of our surrounding communities by welcoming in those of other cultures. It is a story of a congregation of mixed ethnicity, together with pastors over the last 20+ years from several different cultures, which have broadened and enriched our understanding of other peoples in our country and throughout the world. It is a story of a congregation becoming more active in our community and world through the individual connections of our various members. 

And most importantly, it is a story of God’s people maturing in their faith and reaching out in love and compassion to those in our community, our country, and around the world. This maturing faith has led to responses, both as a congregation and individually, to:

  • Support a school/orphanage in India

  • Purchase water tanks and provide for their installation in Kenya

  • Collect money for “Nothing but Nets” to fight malaria in Africa

  • Provide relief for tsunami victims in India, Indonesia, and Japan

  • Raise funds for Hurricane Katrina relief

  • Support the Red Bird Mission in Appalachia

  • Participate in the Fish Hospitality Program for the homeless

  • Support our local food bank

  • Support The Clothesline in New Brunswick

  • Provide meeting facilities for Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Provide a meeting place for both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

  • Knit/crochet baby blankets and hats for the neo-natal unit at St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick

  • We make a concerted effort to use our time and talents to further God’s work in the world.

While we look outward, we also look inward. We care for our members through celebrations, challenges, and times of sorrow. We study the Bible and worship God joyfully. We like to break bread together and need no excuse to have luncheons, dinners, or desserts. 

This is what our church is all about. We invite you to join us and become part of Wesley United Methodist Church’s continuing story.