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James: A Faith that Works

James: A Faith That Works

This four-week series covers the book of James, a letter that serves as a how-to manual for the Christian life. When we deal with trials, contentions, and lack of faith, James teaches us that we can still have joy in the midst of our circumstances. The foundation of the book is the importance of faith; faith or the lack thereof can determine the direction of one’s life.

June 30: “When Hardships Come”

Text: James 1:1-8

When troubles arise, James explains the profound power in changing our perspective and having a firm foundation of faith.

July 7: “The Problem with Favoritism”

Text: James 2:1-9

Personal favoritism is not of God because true love knows no partiality. We can learn to disregard favoritism when we start to love ourselves and others the way Christ loves us.

July 14: “Lifted Up in Humility”

Text: James 4:1-10

James argues that pride is the cause of many strife and quarrels. Faith and humility are desperately needed in today’s self-centered and pride-filled culture.

July 21: “Prayer Works” (Rev. Chris Halverson)

Text: James 5:13-20

Rev. Chris Halverson of St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church will be our guest speaker to share about the power of prayer.