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The Gospel According to Pixar: Worship Series

We all love Pixar movies. They are entertaining, they’re for the whole family, and they often warm our hearts.  But is there more to these movies other than being fun loving movies?  Maybe there is a deeper meaning to these movies.  Over the next four weeks we will be taking a deep dive into each of these movies and finding Gospel truths that can help inform our journey of faith.

January 13: “Toy Story” (John 3: 14-18)
Finding our identity.  this will look at Woody’s journey and then wrap up with our identity being in God. We can feel lost, left behind, or unwanted.  The thing is, we are wanted.  We do belong, just like Woody.

January 20: “Monster’s Inc.” (Philippians 4: 4-9)
Joy overpowers fear.  In a world filled with fearful events, one thing can overcome that…the joy found in Christ.  What will you allow to rule your life, joy or fear?  The choice is yours?

January 27: “The Incredibles” (Romans 12: 1-10)
The power of being unique. We are charged with not being conformed to the world, but be unique and love each other.  How will you choose to be unique?

February 3: “Up” (Colossians 3: 12-15)
The power of friendship.  Sometimes we can feel very lonely in this world, as can others.  Journeying together makes things easier.  Who will you choose to bring along in your journey, or is there someone God is showing you already?